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Current Bother. [Nov. 28th, 2008|06:04 pm]
Benjamin Hayward
[Self–Descriptor |Annoyed.]
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Age of consent, drinking age, smoking age -- I think the state should leave parenting in the hands of the parents. I dislike the idea of the "underage" being treated as second-class citizens.

In May of this year, Canada raised the age of consent from 14 to 16 as part of the initiative to "stop internet predators." I think the public associates consensual sex with victimization when dealing with a young adult and an older partner. Where in the instance of choosing is a victim made? Whether or not a 14 or 15 year-old took advantage of his right to sleep with an older partner before, I think maturity comes with responsibility -- not with sheltering and coddling.

In his book, Stephen Colbert jests that children should be given arbitrary rules and not reasonable ones -- that way you're teaching them discipline and not reason. I think children should be taught reason and not discipline. Making an informed decision, I can easily see how a young adult could reasonably argue for his right to become involved with an older partner.

On the other hand, in my city right now, a young adult is currently taking advantage of his right to put an older partner in jail -- because the age of consent isn't simply 16, it's 18 when a "relationship of trust and authority" exists between the teen and the adult. Apparently a 16 or 17 year-old's earned judgment in choosing a partner is clouded in that instance. A teen is not mature enough to clearly choose under the sway of authority until 18.


[User Picture]From: desalete
2008-11-28 10:53 pm (UTC)
part of the initiative, I'm betting.

I see you couldn't find the quote. That's balls.
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[User Picture]From: anna_may_neko
2008-11-29 05:56 pm (UTC)
I was thinking about something similar to this the other day. If someone's old enough to have a job they're old enough to have a vote, imo.

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[User Picture]From: sadrx
2008-11-30 10:39 pm (UTC)
I really like this point. If they're old enough to pay income tax and sales tax on purchases they make with their own money, they should have a say in how the country is run.
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[User Picture]From: innersamurai
2008-12-11 03:17 am (UTC)
"Don't worry if a rule makes sense--the important thing is that it's a rule. Arbitrary rules teach kids discipline: If every rule made sense, they wouldn't be learning respect for authority, they'd be learning logic" (Stephen Colbert,[u]The Book You Gave Me For Christmas[/u]).
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