November 2nd, 2010

Cartoon II

November The First!

    Similarly with the massive number of other projects I had for the end of October, I made it through most of the books from my last post in time for NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, I didn't get my entire to-do list cleaned off, and I'm only halfway through Vogler's analysis on Campbellian Heroes.

    I had a nice, procrastinatingly slow start to November. I didn't start writing just after midnight as I had intended, but I did find time this evening to struggle through 2.2k words between 6 and 9pm. I didn't write throwing inhibitions to the wind as I had meant to but instead edited, deleted, re-wrote, and re-read as I went. I've begun to hone my narrator's voice, however, so I think I can pick up speed -- hopefully back to my 1k words/hour I expect to be at for narrative craft.

    I wrote the meta-frame first, and the vague narration of the story-finder was the most difficult thing to write so far. I'm almost completely certain it will get deleted and rewritten after November. After that, the bulk of my work took me through what I would say makes up half of a clear first chapter -- the 'in media res' opening of the work

    I'll be back at the keyboard again tonight, but before I can get much further than chapter two, I need to set aside some time with a pen and notebook and make sure I understand who my minor characters are.
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