November 4th, 2010

Cartoon II

NaNoWriMo Seven of Fifty

    I worry about the content of my writing. Rules I know, which I'm probably not following:
  • All dialogue should accomplish two things.
  • Show; don't tell.
  • Believeability is in the details.

    I worry less if I think of my novel as a more detailed outline than the one I have taking up a several hand-written sheets of loose-leaf at the moment. Right now, I'm brainstorming and typing a 50,000 word outline of the ideas of my novel in the order they will probably appear in the end product. This leaves me wiggle room with regard to the aforementioned rules. I will come back and make sure my dialogue is more than idle banter, make sure I'm showing what I should be (but not more than I should be), and make sure my story comes to life in the details.

    Until then, I write on.
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