November 23rd, 2010

Cartoon II

Catch Up!


    I've got more to write tonight, so this isn't the official count for EOD on the 23rd. I'm behind at the moment, and I need to catch up. I lost about five days over the last week just being busy hanging out with some cool people and enjoying myself. The days weren't wasted, but now I need to write like mad over the next week. I'm seven thousand words behind where I should be for today. I'm getting back on track though, so I will be at 50k for the end of the month.

    I've encountered an issue in writing where I'm not sure how much I can use trade-marked terms. I can write whatever I want, of course, when writing for myself and my friends, but pretending I'm going to publish my work, this isn't something I know much about. When my characters are listening to music, can I name a real artist? When they read a novel, can I use a real one? When they go to a movie or go out to eat, can I use real trade-marked names?

    I roughly know the copyright rules in regards works becoming public domain 50 years following the author's death. If I am comfortable with my characters listening to classical music, watching silent films, and reading Victorian novels, I know I can include those titles in my work. I really want to know, however, whether or not it is ok to use contemporary titles without paying royalties.

    So far, I have been awkwardly avoiding using the names of things. I have described the music being played instead of naming it and stepped out of dialogue and into summarizing when the characters are referring to a movie title. Is this the only solution?
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