Benjamin Hayward's Journal

One of those 'not-your-usual-journal' journals.

Benjamin Hayward
24 September 1986
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    I am someone who has more ideas than places to vent them; more things thought out than written out; thus is the purpose of this. Sometimes, though, I just like to tell people what I've been up to.

    On the other hand, while justly introducing my Live Journal, I suppose that actually does very little to quench any of the desires you people have for the identity of those whose journals you read.

    So, listen. Physically: I am more than tall, with a head of blond dreadlocks, and though thin, am athletic. Socially: I am immature, yet reserved, and while filled with an amoral and existential indifference, I do care about reality with a bit more than selfish motives, having a soft spot at my core.

    I swim on the Canadian coast in April to keep my dreadlocks tangled, I went in debt to study art history in Rome, and I once bought a plane ticket to another country 30 minutes before I had to be out the door. Life is about living, and the major conflict in mine is trying to keep that in mind.

    I spent my first year at the University of New Brunswick realizing my strong dislike for the sciences and am now working on an Arts degree in year five-ish with an English Lit honours and a World Lit minor. Here, I live with several friends and am involving myself in a large portion of the interests listed below.

    My brother (innersamurai), who is two-years my senior but has always been close to me, now lives and goes to school in Toronto. I'll see him again sometime.

    I'm also a Patron of the Arts at open_design.

    That is about it.

Oh, and zomboiz for life!